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If you are passionate about exploring different destinations around the world and getting first-hand information from local people, make sure to go through my posts!
Hi! My name is Lilian Hart and I love traveling. I love sharing my experiences with my readers through articles. The secret to being a travel blogger is to be able to promote your website effectively, build good relationship with your visitors to your blog, and most importantly learn more about yourself and how you can help other people.
That is why I started doing what I do. Making traveling my full-time job was not an easy task. It was definitely risky but I did pay off in the end.
It’s been 2 years since I started this journey and I don’t regret a single moment. I’ve already been to several countries in Europe, each one filled me with so many beautiful experiences and made me learn so much more about the world.
I plan to visit the whole Asia in the future, so make sure to keep up with my posts! Hop on this journey with me and learn with me!