Secrets behind the Popularity of Eastern Eye

With a vast coverage, Eastern Eye has marked its place in the news publication world and among its readers over the last 20 years. Its printed newspaper is complemented with its website which is easily accessible to readers all around the world. When you are an Eastern Eye reader, you are never too far from getting the latest scoops, trending styles and stories!

A Newspaper Generating Interest

Up to date and Well Covered

Eastern Eye offers exactly what British Asians are looking for in a newspaper that brings them closer to their culture. The newspapers focus is to bring authentic, convincing, truthful, and up to date news concerning big and small issues which its readers will find interesting. The aim is to keep the British Asians well informed about community news which they care about.

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Eloquent, easy flowing stories which break down complex issues into simple to understand situations with complementing visual storytelling and written text.
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